Biosecurity Research Institute

1041 Pat Roberts Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-7600


The Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) at Pat Roberts Hall on the Kansas State University campus is a unique biocontainment research, training and education facility.  The BRI supports comprehensive “field-to-fork” infectious disease research programs that address threats to plant, animal and human health.

This facility was designed and constructed for biosafety level-3 (BSL-3) and biosafety level-3 Agriculture (BSL-3 Ag) capabilities.  The BRI provides K-State scientists and their collaborators with a safe and secure location to study high-consequence pathogens.

Research at the BRI aims to ensure a safe food supply, protects public health and helps prevent major economic losses to U.S. agriculture.

Researchers at the BRI include K-State faculty, staff and students, as well as faculty from other academic institutions, industry scientists and government personnel. 

These researchers study a wide range of disease-causing pathogens.  Among these are agents causing zoonotic diseases – those affecting both animals and humans – as well as animal-only pathogens and microbes involved in plant disease and food-borne diseases. 

Part of the BRI’s Mission is to train staff and scientists on proper procedures for working in biocontainment spaces and facilities. 

The training area includes advanced facilities including an integrated classroom – Laboratory training suite, cameras and sound recording capabilities, and the capacity to interface via audio and video with the research labs in biocontainment.  This allows for training opportunities on recognition of high-risk pathogens and diagnosis of the disease they cause.  The technology also enables distance-education programing. 


  • 14 BSL-3 enhanced research laboratories plus associate support spaces
  • 5 BSL-3 Ag large-animal research spaces
  • Animal biosafety level-3 (ABSL-3) small-animal spaces
  • BSL-3 or BSL-2 Food animal safety/security and food processing facility with space for unique containment research projects
  • Four controlled environment rooms
  • Core capability in molecular virology and immunology
  • State-of-the-art lecture hall, integrated training suite, and simulated BSL-3 training lab space with high-definition video and audio recording capabilities


  • 113,000 gross sf – Total space
  • 31,000 net sf - Laboratory, animal holding and support space
  • 10,000 net sf – Education and training space
  • 13,000 net sf – Administrative space