About the Edge Collaboration District

K-State Office Park Manhattan Kansas Real Estate

“K-State Office Park (in the Edge Collaboration District at K-State) allows us to partner with the university and entrepreneurial-minded faculty, students and industry. From here, we can collaborate with researchers and industry. K-State Office Park puts us in the middle of diverse academic resources.”
— Dr. Kelly Lechtenberg ’87, owner, Veterinary and Biomedical Research Center, Inc., 1800 Kimball Ave.

What are the Edge District properties?

The Edge District has one mission: to strengthen and advance Kansas State University. It encompasses the KSU Foundation’s master-planned, commercial office and research developments adjacent to K-State’s main campus and the National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) in Manhattan, Kansas. The Edge District is comprised of the K-State Office and Research Parks, and K-Labs. The goal is to provide state-of-the-art co-location opportunities for partners who enhance academics and research on campus, contribute industry expertise, promote regional and international collaborations, access student talent, and align with the university’s land-grant mission.

Edge District  properties are where cutting-edge innovation develops among diverse campus and industry partners.

How do Edge District properties advance Kansas State University?

Each partner tenant supports at least one of three initiatives: to enhance the educational experience at K-State, support research and instruction innovations, and/or serve as a technical supplier to the university.

Partner tenants:

  • Employ students and interns who often transition to full-time employees after graduation.
  • Connect K-State students with industry leaders, research, and best practices.
  • Sponsor university competitive teams, events, clubs, and campus spaces such as studios and collaboration places.
  • Host student networking and recruiting events, present to classes, mentor, and host fieldwork.
  • Serve on K-State advisory boards to help ensure curricula are relevant to professional and research settings.
  • Donate products, services, and professional knowledge to advance K-State’s innovative instruction and research.

What are the benefits of locating in the Edge District ?

  • 100% of tenants strengthen Kansas State University.
  • K-State Office Park: 2 of 5 phases built; 1880 Kimball Ave., 310,000 square feet of flexible office space for rent added to the Manhattan community when completed.
  • Will deliver $1.5B over the next 20 years to the region and support an estimated 5,000 new jobs.
  • $0 donor funds used to build K-Site properties.
  • Many properties are located in a Kansas Opportunity Zone.

Partner Tenant Testimonials

“I’ve been an intern with Garmin at the office park (1880 Kimball Ave.) for a little over a year and work on aviation displays. Having the opportunity to work a part-time job like this during the school year is incredible. It’s the best part-time job I could have and gives me real-world experience working remotely with my team in Olathe, Kansas. By working here the semester before my summer internship, I was already up-to-speed on the work and that’s contributed to my long-term professional growth. I’ve accepted a full-time job with Garmin in their Phoenix, Arizona, office.” — Nils Peterson, senior, computer science

“An office at K-State Office Park is the ideal way to engage with students, faculty, extension and the community. Topcon Ag has additionally engaged (K-State) biological and agricultural engineering, agronomy, and the unmanned aircraft systems team at K-State Polytechnic.” — Brian Sorbe, vice president of product solutions and IoT business development, Topcon Agriculture, 1880 Kimball Ave.

 “We host interior design students to meet with design professionals at K-State Office Park and in our Steelcase headquarters. Scott Rice Office Works has sponsored the interior design annual symposium and one of my colleagues is on the interior design advisory board.” — Ron Burns, vice president of sales, Scott Rice Office Works, 1880 Kimball Ave.