'Something we definitely cherish': Local restaurant honors legendary Lockett family with display

June 22, 2021

Rockin K's staff with Locketts

Ryan Black
Jun 18, 2021
Shortly after Scott Sieben opened Rockin K’s last year, he noticed how booths along one side of a wall looked so ...
empty. They were plain booths, with no art or anything else to adorn the walls. Being so close to Bill Snyder Family
Stadium, he knew he wanted it to honor the Kansas State football team in some way. Multiple ideas came forth; only
one was perfect, though.

He wanted to honor the Locketts: Aaron, Kevin and Tyler.

It did take a little convincing first, though.

“They said, ‘Hey, we’re thinking about a portion of the restaurant and we’d really like to do a tribute to your family,’”
Kevin told The Mercury on Friday prior to the official unveiling. “And I was like, ‘Wow, of all subjects you could do, that’s
really what you want to do?’ And they said, ‘We’d like to do it, but we want to know if it’s OK with you.’ My response
was, ‘Well, you really don’t need our permission.’ But they said, ‘Yeah, but we really would like to get your permission
and have you weigh in on what the final product looks like.’”

The final product went up last year. Friday, however, was the first time all three of the Locketts could synchronize their

“(Tyler) is probably the busiest of all of us,” Kevin said. “Aaron and I can maneuver our schedules as we choose, but
(Tyler’s) schedule is the most hectic.”

For Tyler, now a star receiver with the Seattle Seahawks, Friday’s dedication was “an amazing opportunity” for himself,
his father (Kevin) and his uncle (Aaron). None of them, Tyler said, ever could have expected something like this when
they first arrived on campus. But he said it was a testament to “everything God has done in our life” that his family has
been blessed over and over.

“I think whenever people want to celebrate you, you never know how much of an impact you’ve made in their lives and
the things you did when you were here,” said Tyler, who still holds numerous K-State receiving records. “Sometimes we
just think we play sports and that’s it. But for other people, sometimes sports is a way of healing, or sports is a thing of
passion or motivation or inspiration. So when you see people want to do things for you or showcase who we were when we were here? I think that’s really cool. I think it says a lot about our community.”
Aaron, who still ranks fifth in school history for receptions (137) and receiving yards (2,400), said no member of the
Lockett clan dreamed of on-field exploits when they started school. Their sole focus was on receiving of a different kind
— in this case, a diploma.

“We just had the opportunity to play football,” he said. “But who would have known 25, 20 and 10 years later that something like this would be taking place? So it’s something that we definitely cherish.”
Legendary Hall of Famer Bill Snyder coached all three of the Locketts. He attended Friday’s event, and before the unveiling, took the microphone to share his thoughts on a family that meant so much to him during his time leading the Wildcats.

“When you have the kind of successes that these young people have had, that’s one thing; there are a lot of people who have gone through this program with comparable success,” Snyder said. “But when you step out on your own and you present yourself as the kind of person that everyone in our world admires and respects because of the way they conduct themselves and how beneficial they are to others, that’s something I admire about each and every one of them. They genuinely care about others. They’re very special.”