Student Talent

K-State students

With over 20,000 students currently enrolled at Kansas State University, imagine the possibilities!

Access to student talent is a top priority for companies that partner with universities across the U.S. Startups and large international corporations alike are making strides in technology advancement and streamlined recruitment by capturing top-notch students as they emerge and creating a natural progression from intern to full-time employee.

Tap into this exceptional talent pool that includes students from:

  • 250 undergraduate academic programs
  • 110 graduate academic programs
  • Fort Riley’s transitioning military personnel

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“This is a win-win for Kansas State University and AvaTekh. Our students get an opportunity to work on industry-relevant research problems, while AvaTekh gets an opportunity to tap the knowledge base at the university to further enhance its intellectual capital."

Bala Natarajan, K-State professor of electrical and computer engineering